On the Edge

Fairytales Come To Life In Magical Photos by Russian Photographer Margarita Kareva


"Some people say that underneath the gossip is a kernel of truth." - Eva Zambrano

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"I had wings once, and they were strong."


Fuck Yes Her Majesty’s Challenge 29: Fierce

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"No matter what we were feeling on the inside, we’d have to put on our best face on the outside. But neither of us ever had that luxury…No matter what we did, our outside showed exactly what was rotting on the inside.


HEY, SIS. LET’S FUCK SHIT UP –– a crack!mix: 15 songs for regina and zelena and the sassy sisterhood that could’ve been.

Cause we are sisters
We stand together
We make up one big family though we don’t look the same
Our spots are different
Different colors
We make each other stronger
That ain’t ever gonna change

i would do a tracklist but that’s just no fun. no fun at all.

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